Demon Queen VHS [BGA04]

from Black Glove Analog

In 1986, filmmaker DONALD FARMER set out to make his first feature with a trusty VHS camera, buckets of blood, and a vision. The result is one of the most well-crafted and entertaining shot-on-video horror movies ever made. BLACK GLOVE ANALOG is beyond proud to present 'DEMON QUEEN' on fresh, limited edition VHS! Fully uncut and featuring all-new artwork by Martin Trafford!

"The mysterious and bloodthirsty Lucinda (MARY FANARO) is rampaging on an unholy quest of death and lust. Lucinda brutally butchers her doomed victims, but saves her most devastating terrors for her unwitting lovers! Jesse (DENNIS STEWART) tries to foil her putrid orgy of damnation, but Lucinda has invoked her most terrifying powers just for his demise!"


This is an officially licensed release and is limited to 50 copies total on repurposed NTSC tapes housed in clear library cases, with professionally printed wrap and label!

*Bonus postcard included!

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  $30 CAD